Hello Ladys :) Today is one of those days when i will bite  for pice of chocolate .

Checking my kitchen  ( and all cupboards there) I found nothing  apart of  handful of nuts, cacao, spices…etc.

Babe?  Did something die in this drawer?

– What?

-You have been staring at it for 10 minutes with tears in your eyes !

-I need chocolate but not chocolate – I sobbed 

-Hmmm … you have hazelnuts .. 

-Hazelnut chocolate butter!!! – I fell from the chair with euphoria. -You are genius

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Oh my vege risotto


I’m in love with Mushrooms, onion and garlic mmmmm such a beautiful mix.  Plus creamy form of rice,  fresh and intensive smell of green herbs finished with roasted almonds at the end – Ambrosia!

Ingredients for 4 -5 portions:

  • 250g  chestnut mushrooms            
  • 25g dried porcini mushrooms      
  • Risotto rice    150g              511 kcal, 115g of Carbohydrates,  11.1g of Protein, 0.3g of Fat
  • 100g Green beans   29 kcal, 3.3 g of Carbohydrates , 2.2g of Protein, 0.8g of Fat
  •  2 courgette             55.2 kcal, 13.8 g of Carbohydrates, 2.1 g of Protein, 0.3g of Fat

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Energize your Sunday morning time !!!!

pexels-photo-179912 (1)

To wake up in the morning during winter time is very hard for some of us, especially on our day off. Grey February day view from the window and unpleasant temperature is just keeping us in our lovely, still warm bed, as long as possible.

  Till that moment -when your feet touch the floor- you, your body and soul knows – it’s time to start your day.  Smile to yourself , stretch your arms, take a deep breath, and say : that will be my day.

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Baby it is (still ) cold outside


Soup, soup,soup :) Full of vitamins, spices , taste and always warming up !!! Ginger is very effective  in enhancing immune function. Garlic is packed with antioxidants and Turmeric is a amazing antidepressant- perfect for long Winter evenings .

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Days decrease, / And autumn grows, autumn in everything.”

― Robert Browning

Autumn and Winter, the best part of the year, for every book lover and stay at home fanatic

Air starts to smell fresher and the goose bumps appear with the first autumn walk.

Kitchens start be full of ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and baked apples.

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Green Morning everyone


Green smoothie for first breakfast? Why not! Everyone got his own recipe for amazing boost drink- this is my. But without ice and frozen vegetables (they have a cooling post-digestive effect). Our green boost Need to Be smooth and warm. 

Full of vitamins and nutrients as vitamin Bcomplex, vitamin C, K, B-carotten and minerals : Iron, Magnesium,Potassium,

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My lovely ladies, I would like to share my very simple and very delicious juice recipe with you. Always make me feel good during raining day .

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Oh my Carrot Ginger Chilli Garlic soup :)


When Autumn start’s my kitchen is full of garlic, turmeric, chilli and ginger exactly like my carrot soup.

Full of vitamins, spices , taste and always warming up !!! Ginger is very effective  in enhancing immune function. Garlic is packed with antioxidants and Turmeric is an amazing antidepressant- perfect for long Autumn evenings .

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Raspberries Porridge



Quick breakfast with bunch of vitamins and minerals always needed :)

From Time to time I like to grab nice bowl of  porridge in the morning .

Fresh  Raspberries Fruits can enrich our morning with: anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin C , vitamin A, and vitamin E. Chia seeds are excellent source of fiber and manganese . Sunflower seeds good source of vitamin E, vitamin B1 and Copper .


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