Welcome to my website.
Each of us follows our path, achieving goals and bringing to the world what is best in us.
Nutrition vs Lipoedema was developed a few years after the diagnosis that changed my
A diagnosis that taught me about self-acceptance, understanding, perseverance and
taking care of not only physical but also mental health.
I will share with you all my experiences and evolution in the way I perceive myself and
word around me.
Living with Lipoedema can seem difficult at the very beginning of our journey.
We are often our own worst critics - Sometimes being kind and compassionate towards
our own self can be the biggest hurdle to overcome.
Nutrition vs Lipoedema is a place where you will find all kinds of ways to take care of
Through articles, recipes, cooperation with various groups supporting women with
Lipoedema and publications, I invite you on a beautiful journey to get to know and
understand yourself.

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