Did Lipoedema Change my Life?

Did Lipoedema Change my Life?


In a nutshell, Lipoedema changed my life.

It changed my point of view on what is essential in our lives. 

Because of my condition, I realised how powerful my mind is and how important self-acceptance is.

Comparing ourselves to perfect Instagram pictures, people on the street, and magazines wasn't the best thing to do.

In the beginning, I was putting myself into a deep depression just because my legs are bigger than other people's.  I was blaming myself because no one understood my daily suffering. I quit my job because I couldn't stand on my feet all day.

But when I realised that my sadness and anger weren't helping, I realised that if my body is in pain, I'm the only one who can help it heal.

I started observing my body and making essential notes as the pain grew worse.  I have started a nutrition advisor course to help myself understand the processes at work in my body. I was curious about how my body works. How our digestive system works and what nutrients I require to keep my body healthy.I started to care about my health more, make some nutritional changes, and recharge specific exercises to help. I started meditating to clear my mind and focus on the positives that I could find.

As they said, meditation changes our subjective perceptions and feelings. Meditation helps condition my mind and helps me hold off overwhelming emotions. I became immersed in the world of psychology and self-acceptance books.

I love books and all the wisdom they contain. I started my job at H&B to support others and to begin a healthy lifestyle. When I began to notice positive changes in my body, I began writing a blog to support and motivate other women with lipoedema.

And the most important

I love who I have become, and how strong and confident I am.

So, yes, Lipoedema changed my life and helped me find a way to a healthy and normal lifestyle.

Thank you, Lipoedema.

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