Surround yourself with silence for a moment... Silence, like fog, visible and elusive, blending into the breath of everyday words. So listen to her without limit...
The windy London day, interspersed with the rays of the late May sun, fills me with nostalgia for the past years.
Countless folding books are the main attraction in our living room right now.
 I would spend the majority of my time reading and contemplating the wonders of the world. Wonder of love, harmony, the richness of nature, and the beauty of the soul. The world of magic and dreams Concerning our thoughts and their incredible ability to attract.

I vigorously traverse the imagination trails of incomprehensible thought corridors while my husband is still tangled up in a sleepy amok occupying the bedroom. Yeah, it's going to be a lovely day.
Books and the enchanted world in them have always been a precious gift of life for me. Starting with their fragrance, each of them has a distinct scent. A slight smell of dust and old paper permeated those from my grandmother's attic, which caused me a thrill and an indomitable desire to read as much as possible. These new ones, fresh from the printing house, gave a sense of new energy, whereas these borrowed ones had a part of their owner in them, they were marked and a little steeped in their soul. -Through the written word's knowledge, wisdom, and power.
A few days ago, after a wonderful weekend with our beloved Kohler family, while waiting for a taxi, I searched Monica's library in the hope of finding an interesting book, because those I have had for a long time, and some even several times. I was looking, I was rolling... Until I finally found a blue position leaning out of line, I quickly grabbed it in my hands. I smiled at myself, remembering a passage from one of the books of my beloved C.R. Zafon, who said that it is often the case that it is not we who choose the book, it is the book that chooses us. And that's how I felt, and I felt that she was the one who decided to put a little bit of weight on me, watching carefully, centimetre by centimetre, a glowing unread position. Regina Brett "You're a miracle"... hmm, I'm a miracle - I sighed again, a broad smile on my face.

- Moon!? Let me look after this publication.
'Sure, I haven't even read it yet, but I've bought so many books lately that I'm busy for a few months,' she added, satisfied by browsing through one of the achievements.

This was another good publication, and I can easily join the private collection of Soul Balms. I've gone through and studied all 50 lessons on how to make the impossible possible. As it turned out, the lesson I most needed at the time was number 22. It was a story about how the author and her sisters, during a trip and penetration of Sedona, decided to read their works in the back of one of the New Age shops. "[...] Looking at our auroras, a woman found something fascinating to say about each of us. [...] When it came to me, I told her that I was not sure if she would see anything because my head hurt [...] After a while, a woman approached me and asked, "Why does your head hurt?" I don't know - I answered. Yes, you know. [...] I was frozen by its tone. Maybe she was right. Did I know the answer? I focused for a moment and asked myself, "Regina, why does your head hurt?" "Because you walked in the sun without a headgear," I was told. [...] I'm not sure what she taught me about your aura, but she taught me to listen to myself - to first ask myself the question, then look for answers in my soul and nowhere else. [...]"
At the end of the day, my legs hurt even more than ever. I felt my legs explode, they swelled like a balloon and would explode any minute. And the dread that has been building for a few days.I couldn't sit still. I'd be irritated and sore, buzzing around the house like a wasp. And then I fell like an elephant on the couch, sitting on something very uncomfortable and hard.
Yes, it was Monica's book.
Yes, our body speaks to us every day. Pain, and discomfort, give us signs that something needs something, that we did not take care of it as needed. That we were unconcerned about his safety and health.
Our lives with lipidemia don't have to be about pain and mobility. If we trust our body and fully focus on our inner voice and listen to it immensely, the answers will come to us. If we take good care of our beautiful legs, if we consistently provide them with good foods full of valuable nutrients, if we give up animal fats, fried foods, and simple sugars and add activity, our legs will love us infinitely, and we will not even feel that we are suffering from such an unruly ailment.

with love for you and your legs.
Nutrition vs Lipoedema

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