Ginger Lime

Ginger Lime

Ginger, as you have already noticed, reigns supreme in my kitchen all year round.

Autumn mixes with its scent, accompanied by other spices and fruits.

“Will I find something, in this kitchen, that does not look or taste like ginger?” My husband asked sharply, looking through the spices cupboard.

I looked around and burst out laughing.

Well, on the windowsill, in a basket … ginger. In the spice drawer, dried … ginger. In the fridge, diced in a honey marinade … ginger. In the freezer, sliced ​​… ginger. 

Autumn cuisine is mixed with the smell and taste of ginger.

This morning, out of pure chance and the lack of lemons, a new drink was created, that my husband and I love.

Sometimes the simplest combinations in the kitchen create the most aromatic drinks or dishes.

So it is in this case:

  • 1/2 lime 
  • 4 sprigs of fresh mint
  • 4cm of ginger
  • 1 tablespoon of rosemary honey
  • 2 1/2 cups of warm water.

Put all the ingredients into the main vessel (glass bottle, jug, thermos …), and pour warm, but not boiling water. 

After a minute, when the aromas of the spices are mixed with the water, add honey.

Pour into glasses and enjoy a tasty elixir that will provide you with warming aromas as well as hydrate and warm your body.

Keep warm my lipoedema ladies.

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