Boost Energy cardamom cinnamon coconut coffee

COFFEE … Coffeee …coooffeee….

I love the moment when I start my working day with nice boost coffee… ,

Of course- the first step after wake up is cup of balmy water – to warm up and hydrate our bodies after getting out of bed. After that small 1st breakfast , … preparing for work …and then… COFFEE …magnificent COFFEE..


    • 2  shots of espresso
    •  1 or 2 cardamom pod (cracked) per cup of coffee ( I like strong aroma so always adding 2)
    • pinch  of cinnamon  ( or little bit more )
    • 1 full tea spoon of coconut oil

When your espresso will be ready prepare your blender.

At first add 4 shots of warm water , then espresso , cardamom , cinnamon , coconut oil…and blend all together

The end result should be smooth with a nice spiced aroma.

Remember if you will add sugar, always drink your coffee after- not before breakfast . Coffee drunk before breakfast alter the body’s sensitivity to insulin. While drunk after meals increase energy levels, stimulates the nervous system, strengthens the heart and muscles.


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