Spring and Lipoedema

The New Year makes us think about writing future goals, success lists and resolutions for new days.
But it’s only Spring that makes us flourish—everything blooms in Spring, flowers, trees, our souls and senses.

Several years ago, I associated Spring with the upcoming summer. And summer was associated with hot days. It was a fascinating time for everyone else. For me, it was a time of shame, humiliation and discomfort.

My legs swelled more and more, the pain intensified, and the mirror reflection in the shorts caused crying and depression.
It was a long time before I became friends with my body.
Nevertheless, Spring helped me a lot.
Spring, is the time when everything is speaking as well as self-confidence.
I remember, The first four months of the new year, I spent reading all sorts of motivating books, videos about meditation, and incorporating anti-inflammatory nutrients into my meals.
Then, I decided to wake up very early one morning, quietly go to the living room, unfold the yoga mat, light the candles, open the window, close my eyes and listen to the birds singing.
It was the first day of Spring and the first day of my new relationship with my body. I remember how tears ran down my cheeks, and my heart seemed to be open and full of space.
Five years have passed since then, and I am still faithful to my newly acquired habits.
Speaking of habits, someone rightly assumed that we should not give up bad habits – we should replace them with new ones.
Try to find a moment for yourself, be it in the early morning when everyone is still asleep or in the evening when dusk falls. Sit back and listen to your body. Listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself what you need.
What Spring can teach you, how you can take advantage of the springtime warmer days.

Time in the fresh air is perfect for our body. Long walks, yoga in the garden or park will make our body more stretched. Being outdoors in green places makes us feel free. Full of hope and gratitude. Let’s hug the green. Let us be born anew with Spring. Let us move our legs, give them love and prepare them for warmer days.
The beginning of this Spring ( at least in London) is very frosty and very sunny. I often pour hot water into my hot water bottle, set the armchair by the window (so that the sun’s rays illuminate my face) and enjoy the view outside.

Talking about food-Spring vegetables ( Asparagus, Spinach, Radishes, Peas, Lettuce, Brussels, Cauliflower and Broccoli ) and a bland diet will support our digestive system, immune system and give us more vitamins and energy. Our Legs will be very thankful and less painful if we will care about good nutrients, avoiding those ingredients which can cause inflammation, and enrich with good ones.

My dear Lipoedema Sisters, please bloom this Spring. Enjoy every moment and appreciate every good that will happen to you.

cover photo by Polina Kovaleva / pexels

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