Keto Morning 1-Preparation

Good Morning ladies. Welcome to day 1.

Every new thing in my life requires good preparation and the ability to find the right tools to pursue my actions.

And that’s how it was for me when I started with Keto.

I’ve started this adventure by looking for all the available information about what this diet is and what kind of effect it has on our body.

Cutting a long story short…

The Keto diet is based on ingredients rich in fat, moderate in protein and a few carbs. In terms of percentage, it would look like this:

75% fats

20% protein

5% carbs

This way of eating causes our body to (…) switch from burning glucose to gaining energy into ketosis, in which your body is using ketone bodies and fat as a fuel. Your liver produces ketone bodies from fat when your body must get energy from somewhere, but there is no glucose (…)

After I read some articles, I started studying more detailed publications and ready recipes to work out what Keto is and what it is not.

I really love and respect books, and the quantity is never enough. Therefore, I also bought some interesting positions on the keto diet.

I approve of the one most is Liz Macdowell’s “Vegan Keto”. I highly recommend it.

It is wonderfully written in separate chapters with very detailed information, one of them being “What Keto is and what it is not”, quoting Liz Macdowell.

“Ketosis is not ketoacidosis. Keto is not a diet where meat is dominant. Keto is not a diet free of carbohydrates. Keto is not a universal diet. Keto is not a list of meals. Keto is not a protein-based diet.”

Therefore, if you wish to have accurate information about how Keto works and how to approach it, the mentioned above book will help you understand the process in your body and avoid making mistakes. I do recommend it.

For me personally Vegan version of Keto has nothing in common with a short term miracle diet; it’s the way of feeding my body that I cherish every day, knowing that not only do I provide my body with all the nutrition it needs but also assist with the transformation of fat and minimise pain and swelling in my legs.

Vegan Keto is a way of eating that everyone can tailor to their own needs.

But, my dear ladies, we need to remember the golden rule:

At the beginning of this or any other diet or a change of eating habits, we need a body check-up and find out if we have any food intolerances. It will help us avoid bloating, indigestion and feeling unwell.

After enriching my knowledge about the Keto diet, I went for complete body analysis. I’ve had checks to determine how much water, fat and cells oxygenated.

Suffering from Lipoedema and being a Nutritional Adviser, I first looked at the Keto diet with a bit of distance. Therefore, I decided to have a complete body check-up and take measurements before I started Keto and then I started to observe if the new way of eating suits me.

To sum up the first phase of my journey with Keto:

Read the information from different sources and buy or borrow a book about Keto,

Go for a check-up to see if you might have any food intolerances or if you’re lacking any vitamins

Have a complete body analysis done

When starting any new eating habits, we should have a serious approach to it to make sure our body feels comfortable and gets all the nutrients needed for healthy development.

Good Luck, lovelies :*

Beautiful picture by Monstera / Pexel

Translated by Monika Kohler

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