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Keto Morning 2- Kitchen

Welcome my darlings to our second morning. Once we’ve enriched our knowledge about how keto works and measures our bodies, it’s now time to start cooking, tasting and dining.

Starting our adventure with keto, it’s worth stocking up our kitchen with products without which it will be difficult to prepare our keto vegetarian meals. There is nothing more irritating than when we open our cookbook and realise that we are missing 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum or 20g of Psyllium husk.

(Yes, I’ve been there and do not recommend)

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Keto Morning 1-Preparation

Good Morning ladies. Welcome to day 1.

Every new thing in my life requires good preparation and the ability to find the right tools to pursue my actions.

And that’s how it was for me when I started with Keto.

I’ve started this adventure by looking for all the available information about what this diet is and what kind of effect it has on our body.

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Welcome you, my darlings, to the new section: keto vs lipoedema, which came to me and probably to you too as a surprise and very suddenly, bringing an exciting angle to my experience of everyday Lipoedema life.

Like most of you, I try to eat healthily and be in tune with my body’s needs.

In Lipoedema condition, our body lets us know quite quickly, through pain and discomfort, what foods we should or shouldn’t eat.

As a Nutritionist and health advisor, I have worked through a massive load of paperwork about which products have an impact on our bodies. As a result, I have excluded many products that did not serve my digestive system or body.

I have excluded meat and fried foods from my menu (although I’ve had a couple of non-vegetarian meals, I must admit).

Unfortunately, even though I did stick to specific products and morning exercises, I still put on weight which hurt my body.

This is how the diet turns up – how we feed ourselves a vegan version of keto. 

Considering that we are all different even though we have the same condition, we all need a diet that agrees with our bodies and needs. So I decided to share my observations with you and my notes about changes for me and if the Vegetarian Keto diet will help me find some answers about how I feed myself while living with Lipoedema.

Is the fat going to beat the fat in this case?

Welcome to our mornings with keto.

Text translated by Monika Kohler.

Unique cover photo by Taryn Elliott / Pexel