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10 principles by Lipoedema girl



  1. Diet is not slimming.  Diet is a way of eating :) -is your conscious choice of life. 
  2. Breakfast – it’s your time to  full up body by nutrients within 30 mins.  to 1 h. upon waking
  3. Oh my water !  Hydrate yourself !!!
  4. Use amazing oils : avocado oil, sacha inchi oil, flax seeds oils, hemp oil, coconut oil …etc
  5. Fruits,nuts, fresh herbs and vegetables should be an important part of your daily diet.  However, The fruits should be consumed in smaller quantities than vegetables. Most likely for the first and second breakfast / lunch
  6. lean chicken meat and  fishes : salmon haddock, sardines.
  7. Eat every 3-4 hours.
  8. Eat your last  meal at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.
  9. Move your body : physical effort is to make you happy. You can swim, run, walk, play in Babington, play tennis, stretch, yoga, pilates, etc.
  10. Accept your body. Love your body .Take care of your body.


With love Nutrition vs Lipoedema.


Energize your Sunday morning time !!!!

pexels-photo-179912 (1)

To wake up in the morning during winter time is very hard for some of us, especially on our day off. Grey February day view from the window and unpleasant temperature is just keeping us in our lovely, still warm bed, as long as possible.

  Till that moment -when your feet touch the floor- you, your body and soul knows – it’s time to start your day.  Smile to yourself , stretch your arms, take a deep breath, and say : that will be my day.

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Lifestyle with Lipoedema


My girls,

Welcome to Lifestyle with Lipoedema”– the category which is designed to talk about us- Lipoedema sisters. Every one of you has a story to tell, especially about our medical condition. We all know the fact as a Lipodema is a painful fat disorder and if left untreated can cause multiple secondary health problems. That’s why we will be talking about active and mental treatment – Specifically, focused on: How to create our own lifestyle  and feel better about yourself