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Supplementation vs Lipoedema

In the 21st century, supplementation plays a very significant role in our busy lives. It has become accessible and even inaccessible as an essential element of everyday existence. Through various stimuli from the outside and all kinds of social media, you can not free yourself from it. The sheer volume of ads, posters and oral information has made supplementation a solution for everything. It looks like we forget about our individuality.

Because of what we eat, what our lifestyle looks like, whether we have health problems, we are different from others. Our body has different needs for vitamins and minerals than the frame of our friend or the lady from advertising.

Even though on each package with a supplement we have information: “Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle”. It still created awareness that a handful of supplements will change my current mood or condition.

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Immune System vs Lipoedema

Autumn, the best part of the year, for every lover of the home, books, blankets and a hot fireplace.

The air starts to smell fresh, and goosebumps appear during the first autumn walk.

The kitchens are filled with autumn spices: ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and baked apples. The sweet smell of cakes permeates through the premises, tempting and inviting you to try autumn delicacies.

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Circulatory system vs Nutrition:

Human being – incredible construction, since Rene Descartes and his mind-body dualism to Julien Offray de La Mettrie described a man as a machine.  La Mettrie was able to picture the organism as a genuinely self-moving, inherently purposive mechanism- mechanism ( clock) in which every single part works together. Every single detail is so important and connected with another. Every construction has an owner  – us. that’s why we have to care about every single part of our body. We need to deliver the right dose of vitamins and minerals to make our machine working well.

Let’s start from the very important and very complex system which is circulatory system-  Also known as the cardiovascular system.

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