About Me

Hello, my dear,

My name is Marta  and I am the founder of the "Nutrition vs Lipoedema" project and the person responsible for the blog and the products that can be purchased by looking at the "shop" tab.

In addition to running "Nutrition vs Lipoedema", I studied Philosophy while living in Poland and have a diploma as a nutritional advisor when life in the UK. So I started this adventure with good food a few months after diagnosing Lipoedema. Hence the original name of the project was "Nutrition vs Lipoedema". 

Over time, I slowly added knowledge from various courses and seminars in aromatherapy and psychology to my personal development, and I also became a Mental Health First Aider. In addition, I devoted a lot of time to spiritual growth and courses, allowing me to become a teacher in the field of Mindfulness and the fight against stress and depression.

Oh yes, I'm in love with the philosophy of life, good coffee and I certainly can't live without books!

With eternal dysorthography and dyslexia, I decided to write a blog and set up a place where women with Lipoedema would feel at ease, surrounded by love and blessing.

Welcome to my Zen space, ladies.