Loving The Rain

Loving The Rain

One of the inexplicable moments accompanying me with the beginning of autumn is the sound of the rain, warm air from radiators, and the specific scent of October. Something relaxing about it makes it feel perfect to be in the present. Autumn is a time that does not always favour us when we face low self-esteem. The grey sky and the rain repel positive emotions. So we call it "depressive weather" or "depressive day".

Automatically, without thinking, we repeat the same sentence when it rains. When we say this sentence, we quickly identify with the ruling and fall into a bad mood, as if the statement was intended to control how we should feel.
How can we stand up to this perception and perception of the outside world, then? How would you love the rain?

I've been learning about who I am and how I want to perceive the world I live in for a few years.

Lipoedem's diagnosis was one of those pieces of information that they wanted to throw me into the " depressive world" (through photos, stories of other women, ignorance and contempt of society).

After those few years, I realized that We're the ones who choose what our world will be looks like. What we focus our attention on.

What we read, listen to, and watch.

The mental health of every person is as important as physical health. And contrary to appearances, it's very similar.

Regular exercises and mindsets change how we perceive the world and how our will can change the sense of the world and the events that are taking place around us.

Take our autumn weather, for example, rain, wind, fog and more.

I learned slowly to love those cloudy and rainy London days and get the most out of them.

As dark rains start the show outside, I light candles or small lights on the window sill; fill my hot bottle of water, and turn the window slightly to listen to the rain. I put a blanket around me, prepared my ginger tea, and gave myself one of my favourites book.

From the gloomy, cold, depressive weather, I create a world of warmth, calm and relaxation. It exploits what's good in a situation I can't control.

A positive approach to everyday life is not about becoming naive or detached from reality. It's not about not being sad or angry. We are human beings, and emotions drive us. We need fear; we need fear to maintain control and to be alert to danger. It's about being able to manage these emotions. Not to last too long and destructively. Let you learn to perceive the world from its better perspective. Remember not to worry about situations you can't change that you can't control.

Instead, let us take the best out of every day and be thankful for every little thing and failure that is not to prove us hopeless but to teach us a lesson and show us how strong we are.

Lipoedema is not easy to manage or treat. However, my approach to this condition changed the moment I gave up when I realized that anger, sadness and blaming the whole world make no sense whatsoever.

And it was thanks to Lipoedema that I started studying, giving nutritional advice, doing courses, blogging and other positive things I mentioned in previous articles. Look at you, love. You're a precious being. You carry good, strength, and perseverance. You learn about your body and the emotions associated with it.

Listen to it every day, and after a little, you will manage to control the pain, weight gain, skin condition, feelings and opportunities. You will begin to accept yourself and accept the world around you.

You will take care of your mental health with positive thoughts and full of love for yourself. Slowly you will accept your physical state (with illness) and that it does not include you in anything.

When I hear comments about my figure or legs, I smile and say, "I know. Thank you" I know my legs are thick and bruised, and they don't fit in some trousers, so the helmet doesn't touch me.

Because I know I'm more than just my legs or my figure.

Of course, I care about myself and want the best for myself, but I know what's important to me.

"Love the rain", and let the world you create be the best place for you and your thoughts.

With Love Nutrition vs Lipoedema.

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