Mindfulness vs Lipoedema

Mindfulness vs Lipoedema

Oh, I'm so grateful for another cosy and quiet morning. The moments when I can explore the wisdom that flows from various sources are a blessing to me. But, unexpectedly, boundless focus and careful reading of the notes for the passing of the last section of Mindfulness Teacher were interrupted by unexpected darkness. Gloomy and heavy clouds suddenly overtook the sky, covering December's rays of

I took a little break while I reached for warming cinnamon and ginger coffee and listened intently to the more robust imminent wind. Then, I calmly carried on sipping on my favourite beverage.

Hmmm… why Mindfulness – I looked at my legs, took another sip of coffee, corrected myself
more comfortably on the sofa and prepared for a conversation with my subconscious. I knew
this question came to me because I was asked this a few times previously, and I was expected to explain my actions and choices rationally.
I was already during my transformation at the beginning of my "Nutrition v Lipoedema" project. I was wiser because of my nutrition knowledge and the fact that each body is different and reacts differently to all sorts of diets, supplements or healthy habits. This truth defends itself in both healthy and unhealthy people. It is the same with Lipoedema.

Of 100 women suffering from the illness, 100 are individual cases. These patients that as well as suffering from Lipoedema might also have, for example, IBS, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin condition or food intolerance. In each of these cases, we will approach differently to Lipoedema, using various methods, creams or supplements.
Creation of "Nutrition v Lipoedema" aimed at this diagnosis from a different point of view, which I explained over time and which I completed with another very important department for me:
Mindfulness, as well as building and development of gratitude in yourself as a basis for everyday existence.
Constant photos of severe liposuction cases keep saying that it's a pretty new illness, that a longer time is needed to study it, and that we still do not know how to deal with it. However, That does not agree with my ideology and the project I'm trying to develop. Therefore, I am constantly looking for and learning new things that support my personal development and bring balance to my life. And that's how I came across Mindfulness, another excellent choice I introduced into my life.


As human beings, we are built as one very well-structured self-interacting mechanism. A mechanism which, through pain or relaxation, gives us signs and signals when something is wrong with us or when we are going in the right direction.
Our thoughts guide us, pulling strings of emotions and pushing us into a state of euphoria or depression. A rush of thoughts crushes us, and we cannot disconnect from difficult or unpleasant things. To read all the signals coming from our body and mind up until now,
Mindfulness was the most proven method in my life with Lipoedema.

While practising Mindfulness, we are not living with the moment, but we focus on the current moment, what is happening to us, our thoughts, our breathing and our body in this exact moment. It is also an excellent time to decide what We want to focus on. What helps us grow and overcome these different and sad moments?
Mindfulness is listening to your inner self.

We can't, of course, mistake mindfulness for meditation, even though awareness plays the first violin in meditation, but Mindfulness, unlike meditation, should accompany us all the time.
However, it is your choice; You can focus on negative worries or keep your mind clear and focused.

You can open your mind to gratitude for what you have, for what makes you an individual creator of your own life. Problems or evil thoughts will not vanish, but you will start to perceive them in a completely different way, like something that can sort out instead of something that will make you feel trapped...

It is a skill that takes time to learn -no doubt about it.

it is the most individual practice I ever came across, which helped me understand my body and decipher every bruise, pain and mental state that accompanies me daily.
Mindfulness is very often associated with meditation. However, there are various ways in which we can practice it.
Morning routine,
Mindful Evenings,
Mindful Listening,
Mindful Eating,
Mindful Shower,
Mindful Commute or Journaling.
On the following pages, I will guide you through them to help you understand yourself more and to hear
your inner voice.


with more than love, 



front picture by pexels.


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